Friday, December 12


Today I want share a few more of my CHRISTMAS BLESSINGS.  This one is really personal but since its my blog I'm giving myself permission to do so, lol!  If it weren't for the following people the ministry at GRANITE UNITED CHURCH would NOT be where it is today.

CHRISTY MILAS - My beuatiful amazing hot wife!  We have been dating for over 30 years and she is my inspiration, best friend and partner in ministry.  She cares zero about being in front of people but loves THE LORD and PEOPLE with all her heart.  She has never held me back from doing anything ministry related and has serves JESUS by my side since day one.  She is THE LOVE OF  MY LIFE!

ASHLEY CHRISTINE TINNEY - Ashley my oldest daughter may be the most creative gifted person walking planet earth!  Her dedication to the ministry and GRANITE is surpassed by no one.  She loves JESUS, loves serving, loves giving 110% all the time.  To the point she wears herself down!  If you see it on a slide, picture, postcard, GRANITE gear, photo booth, and so much more ASHLEY did it!  She also is an amazing mommy to my cool GRANDSON OLLIE and an amazing wife!

CALEY CHRISTINE KING - KK as we have always called her has a love and passion for JESUS and PEOPLE that has always been easy to see!  KK serves in our daycare and student ministries and pours everything she has into our kids and students.  She doesn't like seeing people mistreated and is a defender of those who cannot defend themselves!  She is the amazing mommy to my beautiful GRANDDAUGHTER AUBREY and is also an amazing wife!

CODY ANTHONY MILAS - My son!  There's a lot of adjectives I could to describe CODY such as WARRIOR, FAITHFUL, MOMMYS BOY (lol), BALLER, but more importantly he is a servant of THE LORD JESUS!  Cody serves JESUS through the video ministry at GRANITE.  In other words if you see it on THE SCREEN or on THE WEB more than likely Cody created it!  Granite has been able to go to A...HOLE...NUTHA...LEVEL because of his gifts!  I am so proud of him!

TERRY and MARIAN MILAS - My parents moved to NEW ENGLAND just months after Christy and I did.  They possess a burning passion to see peoples lives changed and NEW ENGLAND come to JESUS!  My parents have worked full time at the church for 17 years and have never received a penny in compensation!  Humanly speaking GRANITE would have not survived the early days without my parents.

THE SON IN LAWS -  HAHA I have to give these guys a hard time its what I do!  I am blessed to know that my daughters have married amazing godly men!  MICHAEL TINNEY and TOM KING are not only incredible husbands but they are dedicated followers of JESUS and serve GRANITE with all they have!  I am blessed to have them as part of our family.  They are above and beyond husbands, fathers, and providers!  Proud of these guys!

SCOTT and LISA BYERLY- My brother-in-law and sister have been at GRANITE since day one.  I am grateful for the faithfulness and for the way they have always served our church!

So there ya go!  A little glimpse into how blessed I am not only as a PASTOR but more importantly as a HUSBAND, FATHER, and FAMILY MAN!

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