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Why we do what we do!

Last night I received the following email and it fired my up, so I thought I would share it. Pastor Anthony, let me start by saying Thank you! My daughter Christina started going to the youth group with a friend..and that has transpired into 6+ members of our family attending Granite United each Sunday morning. - I have not missed a week since we first went on Easter. Both of my girls ask me to go each week! My 19 year old daughter has been going to meetings and getting more involved on her own! Absolutely amazing! I was raised a Catholioc all my life but like many others never felt like i fit in or really understood or learned a lot. I have been reading my new Bible since it was given to me on my first day and I feel so much better. I have to admit...i have always been a skeptic of anything new - especially a new Church but at my own pace I have been trying to slowly find my way and get involved a little more. I truely would like to thank you and all members of Granite United

I'm Back!

But where did I go? I don't really know, how is that for an answer! This picture was taken at Caley's wedding shower where she received a lot of cool gifts that she has no idea what to do with, like all those pots and pans, lol! Things have been crazy busy with so much stuff going on in our church and in our family, most of it exciting, all of it requiring us to trust God! Recently we had our one day staff retreat and I am so excited to see the growth of our team and how serious they take the mission on Jesus to reach New England by growing our church, multiplying campuses, and planting network churches. I am blessed to be surrounded by such amazing people most of which are volunteer leaders who just go the extra mile. This weekend we start a new series called LEAVE YOUR MARK, a series on how our legacy will outlive all of us. I'm excited about this series as I think it will help stretch our church and challenge us to take the gift of life God has given us and make

Post Easter Excitement

Well were a couple of days past Easter and as the dust settles and I look back I am grateful for a number of things: 1. A living Savior risen, reigning, and coming again!!!!!! 2. A church that is on fire for the DREAM OF JESUS 3. The newly saved that were brought into the family of God this weekend 4. Amazing leaders that refuse to sell out, step down, or walk away, but willingly give it all, step up, and walk the way. 5. For our awesome network churches who take reaching New England seriously 6. For answered prayer 7. For spouses reaching spouses for Jesus 8. For the freedom to do church in a way that brings glory to God 9. For finally breaking 1,000 on our way to 2,000 with campuses everywhere I love my Lord, I love my church, I love my family, and I love the fact that we get to do this all together !