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Paul gives a number of PICTURES to describe the BIBLICAL ROLE of being a CAMPUS PASTOR/LEADER .  Here are a few.  Take some time not only to read them, but to think through how each of these pictures DESCRIBES YOUR EVERYDAY LEADING AS A CAMPUS PASTOR/LEADER .  You can read up on each of these in II TIMOTHY 2 A SOLDIER - v2 An ATHLETE - vs 5 A FARMER - vs 6 A WORKMAN - vs 15 A VESSEL - vs. 20-21 A SLAVE/SERVANT - vs. 24 One thing you will notice real quick is each of these gives the sense that being a CAMPUS PASTOR/LEADER calls for SACRIFICE, HARD LABOR, SERVING, and HARDSHIP . Remember if it was easy, everyone would be doing it!  It won't be easy, but it will be worth it!


What an HONOR and PRIVILEGE it is for us to have a leadership role in GOD'S CHURCH, GRANITE UNITED!  Being a LEADER and INFLUENCER in THE CHURCH is the HIGHEST PRIVILEGE on planet earth!  Want some reasons why? The church is the ONLY INSTITUTION that JESUS promised to BUILD and to BLESS The church is the gathering of TRUE WORSHIPPERS The church is the most precious assemble on earth since she has been purchased by the BLOOD OF CHRIST The church is the PROTECTOR and PROCLAIMER of DIVINE TRUTH The church is the launching pad of WORLD EVANGELIZING The church is the environment where STRONG SPIRITUAL LEADERS are developed and matured I love the LORD'S CHURCH and as SHEPHERDS we are blessed to be able to LEAD, FEED, NURTURE, COMFORT, CORRECT, and PROTECT, DA HOUSE!  As Shepard's we are not called to be slick celebrities, but humble servants, realizing that what we do, or don't do has ETERNAL CONSEQUENCES.  My prayer for us as LEADERS AT GRANITE, is that we will be


GRANITE LEADERS IN DA HOUSE ! I have a question I want us to chew on for a little bit, here it is. DO WE REALLY BELIEVE? Now before you get all spiritual on me, let me share with you a verse of Scripture following the resurrection of Jesus. This verse refers to the people Jesus hung out with teaching for 3.5 years. People who were told Jesus would be CRUCIFIED, BURIED and would RISE AGAIN. Ok, now for the verse... Mark 16:11, "But when she TOLD THEM that Jesus was ALIVE and she had seen him, they DIDN'T BELIEVE her." That’s heavy right! GRANITE LEADERS if we are going to see GOD DO THINGS in NEW ENGLAND that we can’t do, we're going to have to BELIEVE HIM, HIS WORD, and HIS PROMISES . We throw out EPHESIANS 3:20 all the time, my suggestion is to take time this week to PRAY through Ephesians 3:20 and ask God to INCREASE OUR FAITH .