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GRANITE IN DA HOUSE !  Here is a quick list as promised during the weekends service on how to tell the difference between GUILT and CONVICTION, the voice of the accuser and the VOICE OF GOD! ACCUSERS  VOICE vs. GOD'S VOICE GUILT condemns,  CONVICTION calls you to something better GUILT tears down, CONVICTION builds up GUILT kills hope, CONVICTION inspires hope GUILT separates you from God, CONVICTION draws you to God GUILT is motivated by hate, CONVICTION is motivated by love GUILT leaves you feeling worthless, CONVICTION leaves you knowing you can do better GUILT seeks to destroy, CONVICTION seeks to restore GUILT produces shame and despair, CONVICTION produces holiness and joy Now that you have read the list, think through it and never forget that GOD IS FOR YOU.   The accuser wants to rob you of your KINGDOM POTENTIAL IN CHRIST.  God wants to do a great work in and through you.  A work that draws attention to yourself that brings GLORY TO GOD! Somebody WOOT