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WHERE TO BEGIN?! 1. WITH JESUS - Thank you Jesus for all you did so that we could know you. Your sacrifice and unconditional love is beyond comprehension! We love you and celebrate you, and our prayer is that this weekend your name was honored and lifted up in such a way that brings brought you glory! 2. PASTORAL TEAM - I am so proud to work alongside such an awesome passionate group of pastors and their wives, who love the dream of Jesus, their church, and people. Thank you pastoral team for going the extra mile the past few weeks, because of your efforts lives have been forever changed! 3. TEAM GRANITE - I am convinced we have the greatest team of volunteers in the world, yep probably even in the universe! Without the hundreds of people serving their would have been no way to do 6 services in two locations. I am humbled by your dedication and honored to serve Jesus with you. Because of you the family of God grew this weekend! 4. SALVATIONS –