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CHRISTMAS is our chance to CELEBRATE thatGod went out of His way to do for us what we couldn't do for ourselves.  This is one of the things we say at GRANITE all the time, but it's truth.  Where would we be without the LOVE OF JESUS!  This past week we took a look into the EXTRAVAGENT OVER THE TOP LOVE OF JESUS, and walked away asking ourselves tow questions: 1.  Am I as COMMITTED to JESUS as HE WAS and IS to me? 2.  Is it as easy for others to see MY LOVE FOR CHIRST , as it is for me to see HIS LOVE FOR ME ? As leaders our LOVE FOR CHRIST , that is rooted in HIS LOVE FOR US , should be the FUEL that sets on fire when it comes to SERVING .  CHRISTMAS at GRANITE with 11 services, in 4 cities, located in 2 states, spanning over 6 days, gives us a wonderful opportunity to GIVE BACK TO JESUS , by GIVING OUR BEST TO PEOPLE !  So let me just say it right now,  LEADERS THANK YOU  for doing all you do to DRAW ATTENTION TO JESUS , so that those close to us and far from