Thursday, April 6


DEAR NEGATRON - NO you will not steal our JOY and NO you will not take up SPACE IN OUR BRAIN and NO you will not distract us from our mission. See we know that birds of a feather flock together to wallow in CHURCH GOSSIP and NEGATIVITY and that HURT PEOPLE HURT PEOPLE. We get it! By we want you to know that TEAM GRANITE is committed to staying faithful in leading your family and friends to JESUS.

While you've been gone, or been to distracted to notice here's something you should know that after this weekend, which will be the 15th week of 2017, we will have seen close to 150 ADULT PROFESSIONS OF FAITH and 50 plus BAPTISMS!  Take time to re-read that last sentence.

REMEMBER when you were part of the STORY, remember the JOY that radiated from your smile, remember the SATISFACTION you had knowing your life was being used to MAKE A DIFFERENCE. Remember how you couldn't wait to SERVE, to WORSHIP, to watch NEW LIFE happen before your eyes!  

Well you still have time to CHANGE THE DIRECTION of your heart and life! GRANITE is a place of GRACE and TRUTH. Those are the words of JESUS and these are the hills we will die on.  We will always extend GRACE but we will always TEACH TRUTH and align our lives and church with TRUTH. One without the other is worthless!

We want you to know that this coming EASTER you are welcome BACK HOME
there's still plenty of room for you! The truth is we miss you and we want you to jump back in and be a part again. NO NO not the NEGATRON YOU but the KINGDOM IMPACT PLAYER YOU.  

Maybe it's just time to come home and stop missing out on so much of what GOD IS DOING! So this is your invitation to come back and join us this EASTER and CELEBRATE the NEW BEGINNING HIS RESURRECTION offers!