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PRAYER CHANGES THINGS !  Recently our team implemented "THE BOOK" rule.  Not the BIBLE because we are and always have been all about the BIBLE !  "THE BOOK" I'm referring too is a resource a tool that each campus leader has received to begin writing in for the purpose of... Staying Connected to the people on our campuses Praying for the people and needs of our campus Keeping our campus families in front of us at all times Just as THE BIBLE is not optional, "THE BOOK" is not an option for our team.  As leaders we have made a commitment to LOVE, SERVE, HONOR, and PRAY for the families GOD HAS ENTRUSTED TO OUR CARE .   So GRANITE LEADERS its time for all of us to go by "THE BOOK" !  WOOT, WOOT!


Luke 22:26, “But among you it will be different. Those who are the greatest among you should take the lowest rank, and the LEADER should be like a SERVANT .”  NLT Study the word PASTOR and you will discover real quick that a CAMPUS PASTOR/LEADERS role would be defined as one who LEADS FEEDS NURTURES COMFORTS CORRECTS and PROTECTS These are some really powerful words aren't they!  When I look at those words and then I look at them through the life of THE GREAT SHEPHERD/PASTOR JESUS , I see those words as incredible EVIDENCES OF LOVE .  Let's take some time this and think through these words and ask the Lord to show us in what area do we need to stretch ourselves in. IT MATTERS WHAT WE DO,  IT MATTERS FOR ALL ETERNITY!