Thursday, February 26


If you read my first blog about the HOLY UTILITY BELT you had to figure I would add a picture of BATMAN somewhere along the line!  Honestly how cool is this picture, lol!

So we are talking through what every KINGDOM IMPACT LEADER needs to have on the HOLY UTILITY BELT!  The truth is we have to constantly look at what we are carrying around because over time we pick up a lot of things that CLUTTER UP and GET IN THE WAY of the things we really need to be EFFECTIVE in ministry.  

The first was THE MATRIX!  Every leader needs to have in their possession  THEIR MATRIX and they need to know how to use it.  For more information on the power and purpose of THE MATRIX refer to the previous blog.

So lets talk about the second tool that GAME CHANGING LEADERS need.  Its what we call THE BLACK BOOK!  Sounds mysterious doesn't it, but make no mistake about it there is no mystery about THE BLACK BOOK.  Before I tell you what it is, let me tell you what is does!  THE BLACK BOOK brings things like FOCUS, CLARITY, and A DEFINED PROCESS all of which help us help people become FULLY DEVOTED FOLLOWERS OF JESUS!  

So what is THE BLACK BOOK?  This is going to blow your mind, ready, wait for it, its A BLACK BOOK!  Whats inside THE BLACK BOOK?  Well remember THE MATRIX is full of the names of people WHO ARE CONNECTED TO JESUS and CONNECTED TO GRANITE/MINISTRY TEAM.

THE BLACK BOOK also contains names, the names of people WHO WE WANT TO CONNECT TO JESUS and CONNECT TO THE CHURCH.  

  • HELPS US TO STAY FOCUSED on guests who have been and continue to come to our services.  It helps keep our guests in front of us and so that we can PRAY for them as we work to CONNECT THEM TO JESUS and CONNECT THEM TO GRANITE.  
  • BRINGS CLARITY to where someone is on their journey so that we can IDENTIFY and KNOW what their NEXT STEP IS.  This is huge because we are in the disciple making business.  This also means we are taking notes, marking down milestones, which leads me to the next point...
  • GIVES US A DEFINED PROCESS meaning as we take down notes and watch over people we know where the person is in the process of CONNECTING TO JESUS and CONNECTING TO GRANITE.  
So there is power in THE BLACK BOOK.  If you are part of the GRANITE LEADERSHIP TEAM we want you to ALWAYS bring your MATRIX and BLACK BOOK to staff meeting.  Why?  Because we are not about programs we are about people!  
  1. So where is your BLACK BOOK
  2. Who's in your BLACK BOOK
  3. When was the last time you used your BLACK BOOK in your meeting as a team
  4. What celebrations can you share from your BLACK BOOK of people who were once DISCONNECTED TO JESUS and GRANITE but now ARE CONNECTED?

Wednesday, February 25


Lets talk about a LEADERS HOLY UTILITY BELT, things that successful leaders must have quick access too and use often.  Now in case your thinking about BATMAN'S UTILITY BELT that consisted BATARANGS, GRAPPLE GUN, SMOKE PELLETS, LINE LAUNCHERS, and a REMOTE CLAW just to name some of the cool stuff BATMAN had at his disposal in his war against DARKNESS!

Now before your thinking we could use some of those same things in our ministries let me be clear MOST OF THESE won't help us in ministry (I did say most)!  But there are a few things that every CAMPUS PASTOR, SERVICE COORDINATOR, and MINISTRY LEADER must have when it comes to their HOLY UTILITY BELT!  I'll take the next couple of posts to share one at a time.  So here's the first one...


In case your not sure what this is it's the way we TRACK VOLUNTEERS and MINISTRY NEEDS.  Its also the tool we also use to know what areas we need to RECRUIT for in order to have HEALTHY ROTATIONS.  But it is so much more, its also the best way to...

PRAY FOR OUR VOLUNTEERS -  Honestly, most leaders DON'T REALLY pray for those who they lead.  Its not a lack of caring its really a lack of awareness!  Keeping your MATRIX on your UTILITY BELT, meaning close access and easy to get to, will help you REALLY PRAY for those you have the HONOR TO LEAD.

INTENTIONALLY EXPRESS GRATITUDE TO OUR TEAMS - If you're not keep your MATRIX close to you, reading it, praying though it, and keeping those who ministry under your lead IN FRONT OF YOU then you have about a ZERO CHANCE of showing REAL, CONSISTENT, GRATITUDE and HONOR for those who serve under you!  And here's the deal, people who are over asked and under appreciated WILL LEAVE YOUR MINISTRY!

You don't need BATMANS AWESOME UTILITY BELT, but you do need your HOLY UTILITY BELT and you need to keep it close and use it often!  We too are in a battle against darkness, only difference is OUR BATTLE IS REAL, and WHAT WE DO MATTERS!

  1. Where's your MATRIX
  2. How are you really USING IT for more than plugging in holes
  3. Are you really PRAYING for those you lead
  4. Whens the last time you took time to THANK and HONOR those who serve on your campus
  5. What do you need to TAKE OFF your utility belt to MAKE ROOM for this essential item

Monday, February 23


Oh the JOYS of MINISTRY IN NEW ENGLAND!  It seems like we have two seasons sometimes in NEW ENGLAND, WINTER and 4th of JULY.  In case you haven't noticed MINISTRY IN NEW ENGLAND is not always easy.   However we get to CHOOSE whether to focus on the OBSTACLES or OPPORTUNITIES that these rhythms present!

Yes, the OBSTACLES ARE REAL, but make no mistake about it, that in the midst of the MOST FRUSTRATING RHYTHMS of MINISTRY IN NEW ENGLAND abound some of the GREATEST MINISTRY OPPORTUNITIES!  As we work to keep the church FOCUSED and ALIGNED during many SNOWED OUT weekends, let me suggest some of the GREAT OPPORTUNITIES these rhythms provide...

  • Less crowded services provide an OPPORTUNITY to better see and connect with new or newer people on our campuses
  • These rhythms provide an OPPORTUNITY for us to see more new people serve in ministries as we work hard to keep ministries staffed on the weekends
  • SNOW-MA-GEDDON has given us the OPPORTUNITY to discover we can do CHURCH ONLINE SUCCESSFULLY setting us up for our future iCAMPUS
  • Weekend SNOW STORMS have given us the OPPORTUNITY to teach our people that ONLINE RECURRING GIVING keeps the MISSION OF JESUS moving forward and help people take a step into CONSISTENT GIVING
  • NEW ENGLAND rhythms have provided us the OPPORTUNITY to identify HIGH CAPACITY LEADERS strengthening our core, our teams, and setting us up for campus expansions
  • NEW ENGLAND rhythms provide us the OPPORTUNITY to help people who might have gotten lost in the crowd CONNECT IN COMMUNITY with those they now can see
Bottom line these rhythms are what we make of them!  We can see them as OBSTACLES or we can see the OPPORTUNITIES, EMBRACE THEM, WORK THEM, and when the rhythm/weather changes we will see all these POCKETS COME TOGETHER and THEN we will be able to say to the RHYTHMS OF NEW ENGLAND...


Friday, February 6


At GRANITE we want to REACH AND KEEP PEOPLE.  WHY?  So that we can help people CONNECT WITH GOD and LIVE THE LIFE JESUS DESIRES for them.  Every week at GRANITE we have a lot of wonderful guests who share their information with our church GIVING US...

  1. An opportunity to THANK THEM for being our guests
  2. A chance to INFORM THEM of what GRANITE is all about
  3. The privilege to talk through THE GOSPEL
  4. An opening to RE-INVITE THEM back
  5. Ultimately allowing us to CONNECT BACK with our guests
Also remember each week at GRANITE we inform our gusts that if they will tell us a little it about themselves someone from OUR TEAM with CONNECT with them during the week.  This happens BEFORE our guests filler CONNECTION CARDS, so lets KEEP OUR WORD and FOLLOW THROUGH with our promise.  

HOWEVER if we are not careful we will settle for CONTACTING a guest as opposed to CONNECTING with them.  What's the difference between the two?  
  • Settling to leave a VOICEMAIL instead of CALLING BACK to talk
  • Dropping an EMAIL and if no response not trying again
  • Sending a POSTCARD and not following up with a PHONE, TEXT, or EMAIL CONVERSATION

Lets understand that when someone TRUSTS THE CHURCH to share with us ways to CONNECT WITH THEM then we need to CONNECT WITH THEM.

Lets never forget that JESUS is working in their lives, that they may need prayer, a community to belong too, a BIBLE verse to encourage them, a place for their child or teenager to connect, and so much more that THE CHURCH has to offer.

So GRANITE lets never settle for CONTACTING guests, lets make sure we CONNECT with them!  There's a story to be written and we get to be a part of it!