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As LEADERS who are constantly POURING INTO , INVESTING , PUSHING VISION and MOVING PEOPLE we find ourselves in a lot of meetings.  So as you can see   MEETINGS MATTER, they absolutely do and because of that I want to share some ideas to CREATE meetings that are EFFECTIVE , EFFICIENT , and EXCELLENT . So here's some of my TIPS FOR STICKY   MEANINGFUL MEETINGS ... Pick times that work best for your VOLUNTEERS Announce the meeting WELL IN ADVANCE Ask people to RESPOND to meeting requests GIVE THE HOSPITALITY PART AWAY!  You can chair the meeting and also share the hospitality part CREATE a nice, compelling, creative meeting space Have some munchies, FOOD IS A GAME CHANGER Have FUN Always have a WRITTEN AGENDA, no shooting from the hip TEACH LESS FOR MORE! Have FUN (yep repeat because its that important) Start meeting with CELEBRATION Share GODS WORD Use GRANITEISMS SHARE SHARE SHARE your meeting with other leaders on your team Expect and initiate CONVERSATION a