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11 Ways Leaders Wreck Their Churches Here are 11 ways I’ve noticed in which leaders sabotage their ministry. I’m personally working to address each of these daily in my own life and leadership.  Why? Because most of us never intend to destroy anything. But sometimes we do anyway. Here’s how: 1. Caring more about your personal success than the success of others and the mission. The battle against sin is a battle against self. If you don’t check your ego, it will check you. Godly leadership means caring about the mission more than you care about your personal success, and desiring to see others flourish. Leaders who forget that destroy their potential and the potential of their mission. 2. Hogging the spotlight. In our celebrity-driven, social media culture, it’s easier than ever to try to draw attention to yourself. Best antidote? Push others into the spotlight. Align and equip people, and then let them lead. 3. An unwillingness to deal with your personal “junk.” I do