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Whats the big deal about CONNECTIONS

I recently had a GREAT meeting with the  CONNECTION LEADERS from all of our campuses and wanted to share a thought that I shared with them.   CONNECTIONS is about CONNECTING people to JESUS , GRANITE and their PURPOSE .  The BIBLE calls this MAKING DISCIPLES . Its EASTER WEEKEND 2015 and we will have about 2,000 plus people attending our worship services.  Many of them will be FIRST TIME GUESTS which is very exciting.  But our goal each weekend is not to fill up our database with names its about REACHING and KEEPING PEOPLE .  Its about seeing people lives TRANSFORMED , STORIES REWRITTEN , and people receiving CLEAN HEARTS and BRAND NEW STARTS because they have MET JESUS ! Truth is EVERYONE who calls GRANITE HOME is a part of our CONNECTIONS TEAM .   EVERYONE has the opportunity each and every weekend to extend the LOVE OF CHRIST to those who attend our services.  So lets ALL be thinking CONNECTIONS ! Never forget that GOD HAS CHOSEN to do some of HIS BEST