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We have been called to produce disciples! In order to do that we have to take the DREAM OF JESUS for our lives and ministries and work to turn them into realities. Jesus did this, He took the Fathers came to planet earth and began a REVOLUTION that to this day is bringing life change to millions of people. It was Jesus who birthed the church and said that He would build it. Jesus was a leader that literally shook the foundation of the world! But their was a key to His leadership that every world leader needs. Jesus BUILT TEAMS around Him of COMMITTED FOLLOWERS who took His vision for CHANGE SERIOUSLY and SACRIFICIALLY who worked in COOPERATION with Him to turn the DREAM into REALITY. I am thankful for the team God has blessed me with at GRANITE UNITED! We have warriors on our team who serve seriously and sacrificially I call them KINGDOM IMPACT PLAYERS. My prayer is that God will raise more leaders within the walls of our church so that we can continue the REVOLUTION Jesus st