Wednesday, January 26

Great Blog from Perry Noble

Seven Gut Check Questions For Staff Members

I shared these questions with our staff here at NewSpring Church in last weeks staff meeting and thought it might be helpful if I shared them here on my website.

#1 – Would I attend this church if I were not on staff? If the answer is “no” then you should resign…immediately. God hasn’t called people in the ministry to work with a half hearted effort…and if you don’t believe in the vision/mission of your church enough to say that you would be there if they were not paying you then I am afraid your hearts isn’t there anyway.

#2 – Would I volunteer in the area I am working in if I were not on staff? This question speaks to motive…if you would not volunteer to do the job you are being paid to do then, once again, you’ve got to ask if your heart is really there. (If you do not LOVE what you do then you are not going to be able to do what Scripture commands in Philippians 2:14 and Colossians 3:23-24).

#3 – Do I feel entitled? There is nothing worse than a staff member (including a senior pastor) who has an entitlement mentality. These people believe the church has latched on to them and would sink if they were to leave (which is never the case.) Reality is the church doesn’t owe anyone…she’s God’s Bride and we (volunteers and staff) are the ones who latched on to her in regards to our gifts being pulled out of us and developed for HIS Kingdom.

#4 – Am I a tither? If you are not tithing and giving generously to your church…your heart isn’t there. Don’t argue with me…JESUS said it! (Matthew 6:21) Also…how in the world can someone who claims to have integrity work on a church and spent the tithe money of other people when they are not actually giving any themselves?

#5 – How clean is my office/work area? The answer to this question determines how well a person is willing to steward the resources that God allows them to use…AND how they feel about the church as a whole. (And…a staff member CAN and should be held accountable for this.)

#6 – How much do I complain about my job? A staff member who is always complaining most likely is not operating in their area of gifting. I’ve told my staff, “I KNOW your job is hard…it’s ministry, we’re on the front lines. A marine on the front lines in a way is never surprised when someone shoots at him…he doesn’t begin to whine and tell people how hard his job is. Ministry is, hands down, the hardest job you will EVER have!

#7 – Am I concerned about my particular area/team…OR about the church as a whole? Staff members need to be willing to have uncomfortable conversations with people if they ever perceive something to be “off mission”…even if it is not in their direct area of responsibility. A staff is a team…and everything impacts everything else. Staff members who fail to realize this will eventually create silos that actually begin to compete with other departments on staff rather than partnering with other staff members to kick satan in his cookies and advance God’s Kingdom!

Tuesday, January 4


You better be because we're here! 2011 is here and its fully intent on moving ahead with or without us, the nerve! As leaders in a growing and going church one of the hardest things we will ever have to do is to stay AHEAD of the church. In other words, we have to have a clear understanding of where we are headed, how we will lead to the desired destination, and what are the the necessary steps to take to get us to where God wants us to go and then the courage to take our church on this journey.

One of the things I will be moving our team towards is getting our hands OFF THE MINISTRY and ONTO THE MINISTERS. I'm not going to elaborate on that just yet, I want it to simmer a little bit.

So let me ask you, did 2010 go as expected for you as a leader? Whether it did or didn't THE PAST IS THE PAST, with all its successes and failures, THE PAST IS THE PAST. So embrace THE NOW, but begin this year with the END IN MIND. Fast forward to 2012, and write out what "happened" in 2011. As your writing, make sure its GOD SIZED! When your finished writing what "happened" in 2011, and your believe its God sized, begin WORKING BACKWARDS in making your part of JESUS' DREAM for GRANITE a reality.

Lastly, why not take a risk and share you 2011 story with someone on the team!