Tuesday, June 14


1. DON’T CRITICIZE - Vancouver’s goalie criticized Boston goalie on a missed save, suggesting he would have made it. The very next game the BRUINS scored 3 goals on him and he was YANKED from the game, OOPS! Don't get caught up in criticism, focus on bringing your A game each and every time you play!

2. PROTECT EACH OTHER - I love how the BRUINS have each others backs! If you mess with one Bruin, you’re gonna find a bunch of guys standing by the side of their fellow teammate! UNITY MATTERS!

3. EVERY MINUTE MATTERS - Remember how the Bruins lost the first game of the series in the last 18 seconds? Focus and intensity matter for the full 60 minutes, (ha-ha I'm not being critical, it’s an observation). What it shows me is that there can never be a time where we just go through the motions, because there is an opposing team, looking to beat us! MINSTER HARD OR GO HOME!

4. CELEBRATE - I love watching the BRUINS celebrate after each goal. We should celebrate the GREAT THINGS JESUS IS DOING and CELEBRATE BIG! Celebrating not only fires up the team, it fires up the entire stadium. CELEBRATING is CONTAGIOUS!

5. KNOW YOUR ROLE - It is critical that every BRUIN know their role and position and then function accordingly. When they do there is harmony and balance. The results speak for themselves. Tim Thomas can't win a game alone and neither can Krejci. As leaders we must know our roles, and strive to bring HARMONY and BALANCE to the team!

Anyway these are just a few thoughts I had, what would you add?