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1. DON’T CRITICIZE - Vancouver’s goalie criticized Boston goalie on a missed save, suggesting he would have made it. The very next game the BRUINS scored 3 goals on him and he was YANKED from the game, OOPS! Don't get caught up in criticism, focus on bringing your A game each and every time you play! 2. PROTECT EACH OTHER - I love how the BRUINS have each others backs! If you mess with one Bruin, you’re gonna find a bunch of guys standing by the side of their fellow teammate! UNITY MATTERS! 3. EVERY MINUTE MATTERS - Remember how the Bruins lost the first game of the series in the last 18 seconds? Focus and intensity matter for the full 60 minutes, (ha-ha I'm not being critical, it’s an observation). What it shows me is that there can never be a time where we just go through the motions, because there is an opposing team, looking to beat us! MINSTER HARD OR GO HOME! 4. CELEBRATE - I love watching the BRUINS celebrate after each goal. We shou