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One of the things I have to work at is making sure I stay focused on what I know to be the DREAM OF JESUS for our church, because so goes the DREAM so goes NEW ENGLAND! Today I tweeted the following, " IS THE FUTURE CHANGE WORTH THE PRESENT PAIN". I know and believe in my heart that it is, but I don't know if there has ever been a time when I have felt the weight of the DREAM to be as heavy as I do now. I'm not sure why that is, but I do know I have committed my life to CHRIST'S CALLING, and I will not back down. My loyalty is to the Lord Jesus and I am committed and dedicated to both His kids and those who are far from God. Sad to say those who should give 100% to the one who gave His all for them, still want more from Him, that is very sad. But for those who are willing to GIVE IT ALL to make a FOREVER DIFFERENCE in this world, we together we will continue doing what needs to be done, changing what needs to be changed, and inviting those in who want to go f


Yesterday we kickoff a new series at church NO PERFECT PEOPLE ALLOWED . I just wanted to start my the morning and week off thanking Jesus for coming to pour His life into all the screwed up sinners of the world. I pray that I will never forget that I am nothing without Christ and that all to Him I owe. As a Christ follower I don't want to make excuses for not reaching New England, I want to make a difference . My prayer is that God will use my life GRANITE UNITED to break through and introduce an imperfect world to a perfect Savior.


So we have friends coming in from out of town tonight, actually they are more like FAMILY! We are so excited because this will be the first time they will be able to visit us in the home we bought 2 years ago. So with the ANTICIPATED ARRIVAL of our family my wife has called for an all out CLEANING and CLEANSING of our house. Now here is what you need to understand. My wife, CHRISTY, is one of the cleanest, neatest, awesome house keepers I know, so its not like the house was a mess or anything. However, my AMAZING WIFE has found a way to take our home to a HOLE NUTHA CLEANSING LEVEL, lol! So it got me thinking... We just finished a series at church on PROPHESY. One of the coolest things we LOOK FORWARD too as CHRIST FOLLOWERS is the RETURN OF THE LORD JESUS CHRIST - also know as the RAPTURE. The RAPTURE is when Christ comes FOR His church, the SECOND COMING is when Christ comes WITH His church. So even though we don't know exactly when Jesus will return we do know He is com

First Day of School

Well I'm sitting here waiting to take my son Cody to school. He is tired, pumped and nervous all at the same time. I feel the same way every Sunday. TIRED because I rarely get a good nights sleep on Saturday's, PUMPED because we get to come together as a church body and worship the one true God, and NERVOUS because of the anticipation of God doing His work in peoples hearts. I pray I never loose those feelings, and that I always live with that type of excitement and anticipation about Sunday in my heart. Sundays coming, are you ready ?