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UNIQUE CHALLENGES OF A MULTI-SITE CHURCH In my previous blog I said I would share a few of the unique challenges we face at GRANITE in regards to being MULTI-SITE.  So here we go and they are in particular order... VISION ALIGNMENT - I do believe the S INGLE MOST IMPORTANT challenge at GRANITE is keeping everyone on the same vision page.  Not that people rebel against the vision or deliberately walk in another direction, but DRIFT HAPPENS .  There has to be a CONSTANT push as to WHY WE DO WHAT WE DO all the time.  There has to be strategic times as well where we pull everyone in for REALIGNMENT thats just natural. COMMUNICATION - At GRANITE we are learning that growing BIGGER , DEEPER and WIDER brings with it unique COMMUNICATION CHALLENGES .  Add to that that most of the GRANITE UNIVERSE is lead by HUNDREDS OF LAY LEADERS who work full time jobs in the marketplace.  So we are always learning better ways to communicate to so many KIGDOM IMPACT PLAYERS .  One of the key w


SO WHY IS GRANITE UNITED CHURCH ONE CHURCH IN MULTIPLE LOCATIONS?   This is a great question and one I get asked many many times so I thought I'd share a three reasons why. NEW ENGLAND NEEDS JESUS - Salem alone has 30,000 residents.  If we are serious about not catering to the already convinced and seeing peoples lives forever changed we have to do anything and everything humanly possible to make room for people.  Our first location which is the SALEM CAMPUS has less then 200 seats in it and parking for 150ish cars.  If we are serious about ETERNITY and where people will spend it then we must MULTIPLY SEATS and PARKING SPACES.  At SALEM we already do 4 services on two separate days.  Moving to MULTIPLE LOCATIONS allows us to do ADD SEATS, ADD PARKING, and ADDS MORE PRIME TIME ATTENDANCE TIMES . ALLOWS FOR MORE INVOLVEMENT - The more services and locations we can multiply the more opportunities we create for people to use their gifts!  At GRANITE we believe everyone has been


WOW, WOW, WOW!  WHERE TO BEGIN...   START WITH JESUS - Well since its all about JESUS lets begin with JESUS !  Thank you LORD JESUS for doing for us what we couldn't do for ourselves so that we could have what we don't deserve!  Thank you JESUS for not only coming to BE WITH US but coming to BE FOR US !  We love you and honor you, and beg you to use us to make you known in all of NEW ENGLAND and the world! THANK YOU GRANITE PEEPS - I want to say THANK YOU to the HUNDREDS of volunteers who served during our 10 CHRISTMAS SERVICES at 4 DIFFERENT LOCATIONS !  You not only served but as always you served with EXCELLENCE !  Every year I am blown away at the way you are willing to sacrifice your time, talents, and treasures so that people CLOSE TO US AND FAR FROM GOD  can hear the life changing message of the GOSPEL !   MAKING DISCIPLES - At GRANITE we understand we are not called to gather big crowds but to MAKE DISCIPLES .  However to make lots of disciples we need t