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In the book GO BIG the author suggests as goes the pastor so goes the church. In the GRANITE CONTEXT I would put it this way, AS GOES THE MINISTRY LEAD SO GOES THAT MINISTRY. We are a team oriented, team driven church, meaning, as LEAD PASTOR allot of sharing has been given out in our ministry, with the PRIVILEGE comes incredible RESPONSIBILITY. One of the things I have been encouraging our MINISTRY LEADS in 2011 is to GET YOUR HANDS OFF THE MINISTRY AND ONTO THE MINISTERS. As a HIGH LEVEL LEADER you cannot afford to get bogged down in programs and must stayed focused on people, your ministry people. Eph. 4:11-12, encourages us to EQUIP SAINTS, not to run programs. Programs are important but they do not warrant our attention tot he point of neglecting our teams. It will be our team members who will provide healthy programs, as we pour our lives in maintaining healthy leaders. So lets make this post a little more interactive than usual and throw out some ideas on how to LOVE O