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Ho, Ho, Ho!

In just a few hours we will be kicking off the first of five Christmas benefit concert at GRANITE. My heart is racing, my head is pounding, and my hands are cold and sweaty, I know disgusting, and snow is falling from the sky. All of this because of the anticipation of watching Jesus do amazing things in peoples lives as we Celebrate His birthday! But there is something else that is on my mind, THE AMAZING TEAM WE ARE BLESSED WITH AT GRANITE. I am so grateful for the TEAM Jesus has brought together at GRANITE. I have the privilege of rubbing shoulders with some serious KINGDOM MINDED people. I know the next few nights at GRANITE are going to be amazing, but I also know that God does His best work through His kids, and trust the kids on our TEAM are AMAZING! I wish every pastor could be blessed like I am blessed, that every church could benefit from hundreds of leaders like GRANITE has. TEAM I love you all, and appreciate you so much. It is an honor to serve Jesus along side o