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We began a new series today about how to LEAVE YOUR MARK in this world for the GLORY OF GOD. What a day it was, wish amazing worship, energy energy energy from God's kids who were fired up, and a message that took a peek at the FACEBOOK pages of Dr. Luke and Demas. It was cool seeing God's church being stretched to grow and 6 adults UPDATE their relational status with Jesus, yahoo! It is so amazing each and every week to be able to be part of a work of God that is fresh, relevant, and life changing. As always I am so proud of our team of dedicated people who make Sundays happen. We have hundreds of people who for nothing other than their love for Jesus and people who serve without recognition every week. These are the people who are the unsung hero's of GRANITE UNITED. The heart behind all that gets done and the lives that are being forever changed by Jesus! What an honor to pastor such an amazing church!