Wednesday, July 7


Team there is a reason WHY we must as a ministry team become UNSTOPPABLE! The reasons are NOT...
  • So we can be the talk of the town
  • So we can have cool services
  • So that we can gather lots of people
WHY we must become UNSTOPPABLE is simple, without JESUS people die and go to hell and it doesn't have to be that way. My prayer is that we will never forget that although we want to build a great church that glorifies God, nothing brings God more glory than saving his lost children from a CHRISTLESS eternity, from hell. We must become UNSTOPPABLE, but as a leadership team we must let the reality of a literal hell burn a hole in our hearts. Jesus is counting on us, families are counting on us, moms, dads, teens, and kids are all counting on us to believe in the reality of a literal hell. Do we? May our actions speak louder then our words.

A hitman had been caught and was convicted of his crime. Waiting to be hanged, he was told by a priest that he was going to go to hell but that it was still not too late to repent. The hitman looked at him and replied, "You live such comfortable lives, you could not possibly believe in what you believe. If I believed in the hell that you preach, I would crawl the length of England on broken glass just to make one convert."

WOW! Now that's a challenge!