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Sunday Refections @ GRANITE UNITED

Sunday August 16, 2009 After a week of vacation I couldn't wait to get back to GRANITE UNITED and here are a few reasons why: God is doing something very special in our church We have amazing volunteer leaders who simply bring it every week for Jesus It's a joy to be around our team of pastors, who are dedicated to the dream of Jesus There is an electricity when our church family is together When you're at GRANITE you're with family You never know what to expect, but you always expect God to do something big Engaging worship Powerful presentation Lots of guests LIFE CHANGE! T h o s e a r e s o m e o f m y r e a s o n s , w h a t a r e s o m e o f y o u r s ?


So now we will never find the WORLD'S GREATEST HAMBURG since the place was shut down and boarded up. In my earlier post I suggested that maybe the reason the WORLD'S GREATEST HAMBURGER joint closed is because t hey had convinced themselves that they were serving something they actually weren't . Maybe that in their minds they were serving the WORLD'S GREATEST BURGER when in reality what they were serving was the WORLD'S WORST BURGER, I don't know. What I do know is that the place was CLOSED and BOARDED UP for business. But let's give this BURGER place the benefit of the doubt. Maybe they did have the WORLD'S GREATEST BURGER and the reason they went out of business is that nobody knew about it ! Maybe all the internal hype was true, maybe the BURGERS were to die for! However there was still a problem if no one knew about the BURGERS the result was the same as the first, SHUT DOWN and OUT OF BUSINESS ! Why is that 3-5 churches everyday who are c


While in Pennsylvania recently I thought my long search had come to an end, only to be incredibly dissapointed. See all my life I have longed to find the WORLD'S GREATEST BURGER , and this journey of mine has led me from Fudruckers in Salem, New Hampshire to McDonald's in Jerusalem, Israel. With each visit I have yet to discover what I would call the WORLD'S GREATEST BURGER , but then the amazing took place. In Pennsylvania there it was, the one thing I had long for all my life, a restaurant that had in BIG BOLD LETTERS on the side of its building HOME OF THE WORLD'S GREATEST BURGER ! Oh the joy that flooded my soul, could it finally be that I have found the answer to the one question I had been asking all my life. Could it be true that right here across the street from where I was staying was the place that would finally quench my hunger for the perfect burger! So what did I do? I did any man would do who has spent a life time SEARCHING , I pulled right into th