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Turning Dreams Into Realities

I believe when church leaders share their God dreams and begin the process of seeing those dreams become realities that it becomes the fuel that inspires others to take the risks necessary for the church to advance. Let's be honest everyone wants to be a part of a winning team, but for a team to be considered victorious there needs to be wins along the way. So how do we determine what a win is? Let me share with you the first two steps, and I shared step one in an earlier post. Think about this. Everyone wants to be successful for the kingdom, but not very one has taken the time to calculate the necessary steps to be successful therefore we never know if we are actually putting points on the board or if we are getting closer to making the dream a reality. So what do we do? First we recapture the dream, and secondly we begin to think of the necessary steps that need to be taken to making the dream reality. We start thinking and writing down a step by step process. Once we do thes

Dream Then What

I closed my last blog (by the way blogging is new to me) with a challenge to share you dream once you have recaptured it. I say recaptured because I believe almost every ministry leader starts out of the gate with the dream, but it gets lost along the way. Anyway, why is it important to share your dream, I mean does it even matter, after all it's your dream right? WRONG! It's actually God's dream/plan/vision for your life, and He wants you to share it. Let me give you a few good reasons why it is necessary to share the dream. 1. Sets you apart as the leader - You have just set the mark 2. Once it comes out of your mouth it takes it to a HOLE NUTHA LEVEL 3. You become accountable 4. God will show up There are a few more things to why it is necessary to share your dream, but for now take a few minutes and jot some of things down that came to your mind as you were reading the four reasons I gave you.

Dare to Dream

WHERE DID ALL THE DREAMERS GO? I want to encourage church leaders in a world where everything seems to be moving at the speed of light to call for timeout from the craziness called ministry and take a few minutes to catch your breath and recapture the dream that was in your heart when you first launched into ministry. Stop for a moment and do as Bill Hybels suggests in his book Holy Discontent , "to reflect on the one thing in the world that wrecks you when you see it, when you hear it, and when you get close to it". Do you remember the dreams you dreamed, the excitement, the way your heart raced the closer Sunday drew, do you remember? For many of us this is why we entered the ministry in the first place. We believed that the church held the answer and power to transform lives, that within the church people could find a community, a place to belong, remember? And yet so many churches find themselves in decline and way to many pastors are working to maintain their ministrie