Friday, May 8


One of the privileges of ministry is that we get to do ministry with others!  We get to invite people on to our teams to see THE DREAM OF JESUS COME ALIVE!   So what is LEADING and COACHING all about?

First let me tell what LEADING and COACHING are not.  They are not the opportunity to to USE PEOPLE, MANIPULATE PEOPLE, or to GET THINGS DONE on your TO-DO LIST.  Way to many LEADERS and COACHES lose their teams due to SELFISHNESS and SELF-CENTEREDNESS.  To many LEADERS and COACHES are consumed with "ME" instead of "WE".

So what do LEADERS and COACHES do?  Its not complicated really.  LEADERS and COACHES help CALL OUT and DEVELOP the potential and gifts of an individual.  In other words LEADERS and COACHES step into people's lives and call out of them what GOD has placed inside of them.

In the book UNLOCKING POTENTIAL that our pastoral team is presently reading COACHING is defined as "unleashing or unlocking the potential of another human being".  How great is that!

The BIBLE teaches us that GOD has a GREAT PLAN and PURPOSE for everyones life.  As LEADERS and COACHES we get the privilege to help UNLEASH and UNLOCK all that GOD has placed inside a person!  WOW!  Is that great or what!

Lets all commitment to when we step into someones life, or when we invite someone to serve by our side that that person is better because of it!  Lets commit to seeing KINGDOM GREATNESS in our teams, and lets help them achieve the DREAM JESUS has for their lives.