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Pull the TRIGGER!

PULL THE TRIGGER is a common expression meaning to make a decision that causes an important action to take place. So what decision have you been toying with making that just needs to be made? Here are some thoughts about making decisions... 1. DECISIONS are necessary for the dream of Jesus to advance. 2. DECISIONS are not about being popular, they are about doing right. 3. RIGHT DECISIONS will make a ministry, WRONG DECISIONS will break a ministry. 4. DECISIONS should be made in light of WHAT SHOULD BE, NOT WHAT IS 5. DECISIONS force us to think forward 6. DECISIONS are what leaders do 7. DECISIONS should be well thought out These are just some random thoughts off the top of my little brain. What DECISION do you need to PULL THE TRIGGER ON?


Andy Stanley in his book "VISIONEERING" says that visions are born in the soul of a man or woman who is consumed with the tension of WHAT IS and WHAT COULD BE. Every time I think about these words I get fired up! I get fired up dreaming that God has... So much more for GRANITE So much more for New England So much more for our kids, students and families So much more for His Kingdom So many more campuses to start So many more church to plant So many more groups to start So many more souls to be saved So many more disciples to be made If we are going to live inside the tension of WHAT COULD BE, we need to get to the point of becoming DISCONTENT with WHAT IS. That doesn't mean we don't take time to celebrate WHAT IS, it means we use what God is doing as the fuel to move us beyond WHAT IS to WHAT COULD BE. God has so much more, I believe it with all my heart, but we need to move into becoming leaders who are not leading from the point of WHERE WE ARE, but leaders who

I'm Just Saying...

I want to take time to say THANK YOU to some people who have BLESSED me big time! October was pastor appreciation month and I was reminded once again how BLESSED I am, but I also know like a quarterback who gets too much credit when the football team wins and to much criticism when they lose, I know that there are a lot of people who make GRANITE what she is... I'M JUST SAYING ...I have the most amazing wife! I am blessed to be married to MY BEST FRIEND of almost 25 years! Lots of people refer to the spouse as their best friend, CHRISTY is my best friend. There isn't a person on the planet I would want to spend every minute of every day with more than her. Christy has a passion for the Lord and His work and it is awesome having a partner like her to serve Jesus with. THANK YOU Christy, I LOVE YOU! I'M JUST SAYING ...I have been blessed with an incredible TEAM! I have the privilege of working with an amazing pastoral team who go above and beyond to see the Dream