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I am STINKEN EXCITED! There is so much going on, on the Salem campus in preparation for our campus relaunch. I am blown away by the people who are willing to step up and go the extra mile in preparing God's House for the next step in our Journey. Seriously, some of these guys are here 10 plus hours a day, like I said I am blown away and incredibly thankful for them everyone who is busting it to make this happen. I can't help but think that all of this work ultimately comes down to one thing THE GLORY OF GOD. I know lives are going to be forever changed by Jesus, and people who Jesus died for will come to life and begin honoring God as their Lord and Savior, that's awesome! That's what makes all this hard work and long days worth every minute. There will be a lot of cleaning to do this weekend and we need all hands on deck! I keep hearing over and over again I would be there but I don't know how to... Well if you can use a broom, wash a wall, clean a window

Got To Love It

I am NOT venting in this post, I am simply sharing with you some of the crazy yet humorous things that happened in the past 7 days. 1. We had a former family who left our church a couple of years ago try to recruit one of our faithful families because we don't teach or use the Bible at GRANITE. 2. We had a family leave the church this week because we are to strict on how we teach the Bible and how serious we are about it. 3. I had a "christian" family tell me they left the church because of that darn rock and roll music we use sometimes to open up our services. 4. I baptized a man last week at the lake who said he was tuned in from the moment we sang Livin' On A Prayer (sung during our prayer series, and it was awesome) 5. Was told by a man that our church is to strict when it comes to holiness and purity, so he needed to find a new church that his lifestyle could fit in with 6. Was told that a man in our church was approached by someone and encouraged to