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A Campus Pastor Is... Part 4

QUALITY # 4 - A Campus Pastor is... A CONNECTOR OF PEOPLE Relationships cannot only exist between YOU and YOUR TEAM, they must exist between each member on your team.  This extends to include the people who regularly attend or asking to get connected to the campus. Graniteism- NO ONE SERVES ALONE NO TEAM IS AN ISLAND CONNECT PEOPLE TO PEOPLE MAKE DISCIPLES MORE TOGETHER THAN BY OURSELVES Example:  You are obviously the most likeable guy/girl on campus. Everyone knows you.  They high five you, have your cell, direct line, FB, and YOU are their top call.  Wow, that’s great... until you reach about 125 people if you’re really really good.  70-80 people if you are amazing like ME. The key to PEOPLE STICKING isn’t always JUST YOUR DYNAMIC PERSONALITY.  If that is the case then their tenure at Granite will be SHORT and SHALLOW.  If people don’t connect in an environment outside of your direct relationship or the auditorium, they will be BYE BYE BYE very soon soon soon. You meet a new awesom

A Campus Pastor Is... Part 3

QUALITY #3 - A Campus Pastor Is... CONFRONTATIONAL: Yikes, that’s not fun.  The truth is every team, no matter how well led or how AMAZING, will have VISION DRIFT, ATTITUDE ISSUES, or PERFORMANCE slipping.  These have to be addressed and YES the word that best sums up this act is CONFRONTED. Graniteisms- THE VISION IS NOT FOR SALE GOD HAS NOT CALLED YOU TO GROW OLD, HE HAS CALLED YOU TO GROW UP WHAT GOT US HERE WON’T GET US THERE Example:  Here’s the RAW and the REAL.  When you “the leader” walk into an environment, if you are a leader, you will cause friction.  You will see something that could be better and you will say something.  You know the VISION and DNA and you will in the moment INSTRUCT someone on how to improve. They will respond in several ways- 1.)  They will do it with joy.  Things will be awesome. 2.)  They will do it and you think it was with joy.  Then they will quit Monday. 3.)  They will say NO or something similar to that.  They will stay in that ministry until y

A Campus Pastor Is... Part 2

QUALITY # 2- A Campus Pastor is...   ENCOURAGING: Encouragement means to “INSTILL COURAGE.”  It means BELIEVING and SHARING THAT BELIEF in someone to the point that they have the COURAGE to take that next step. Graniteisms- DON’T SAY SOMEONE’S NO FOR THEM. PUSH THE VISION, MOVE THE PEOPLE BETTER TOGETHER FRIENDSHIP ISN’T LEADERSHIP, BUT LEADERSHIP CAN BE FRIENDSHIP Example:  You have a new public speaker at Rally or the Welcome who keeps butchering their speaking part.  They are discouraged or flustered and you can tell while they are on stage OR immediately when they walk off. Before you say “YOU DID GREAT” or “WAY TO GO MAN” make sure you are prepared to REALLY encourage them.  If you say either of those things (or anything like that) you are what we affectionately call “blowing sunshine up their nose,” in other words you aren’t being HONEST or TRUTHFUL. So instead, a Campus Pastor “instills COURAGE” and says WAY TO GO!  I know that you are passionate about growing and doing an ex

A Campus Pastor Is... Part 1

This week we'll be sharing qualities that we have found are KEY to a successful Campus Pastor. For each post there will be a QUALITY explained with a definition. Then there will be a few supporting "Granite-Isms" AKA Short Sayings that Summarize Big Truths, and finally a clear example of how it applies in the real world of ministry. QUALITY #1 -  A Campus Pastor is... RELATIONAL: Relationships are the foundation for any INFLUENCE and DIRECTION you will ever give anyone on your campus.   Graniteisms- HEART BEFORE HAND SHOW ME YOUR BOOK Example:  Your team not responding to you when you text or call?  Is one of your leaders frustrated because their team isn’t responding or connecting back with them? Before you send your next email asking someone to serve/respond/instruct etc, ask yourself “What is going on in this family right now?  Have I prayed for them today?  Are they at work right now?  How are they doing in general with life?  Have we done anything fun or non-mi


Found this great post form PERRY NOBLE and anted to pass it along.  This is some great stuff for our GRANITE LEADERS as we are always GROWING FORWARD! TEN SIGNS OF A HEALTHY TEAM 1. You actually enjoy being around one another instead of trying to find ways to avoid each other. 2. Truth is spoken in love and not in a condescending or condemning way. 3. There is an atmosphere of freedom where differences of opinion can be shared without the immediate perception that the person who is disagreeing is somehow disloyal. (BTW, if you are in a meeting and you disagree mentally then you have an obligation to disagree verbally! If you do not feel that freedom then there is a problem!) 4. People are willing to walk into the room and ask for help rather than put off the perception that they have it all together. 5. No one is trying to prove themselves. 6. Everyone in the room values the opinions of everyone in the room. 7. There can be disagreements without the fea


If COMMUNITY MATTERS in all churches I promise you COMMUNITY MATTERS in MULTI-SITE CHURCHES on a HOLE NUTHA LEVEL !  Why?  Because most of the people at GRANITE have left the "security" "stability" and "security"of the "main" campus to go and be part of THE DREAM OF JESUS to bring those close to us and far from God to salvation. Kudos to everyone who has stepped out to be a part of as GRANITE CAMPUS and kudos to those who have stepped up and stepped in at Salem to keep the SALEM CAMPUS moving and grooving for the GLORY OF JESUS !  Okay back to the point... As leaders one of the things we need to do is CREATE HEALTHY COMMUNITY so that our   TEAMS CAN GEL , new RELATIONSHIPS CAN FLOURISH , and for ENCOURAGEMENT CAN HAPPEN . Hebrews 10:24-25, “24 Let us think of ways to MOTIVATE ONE ANOTHER  to acts of love and good works. 25 And let us not neglect our MEETING TOGETHER , as some people do, but  ENCOURAGE ONE ANOTHER ,


COMMUNITY MATTERS! Okay so the next couple posts about the GRANITE UNIVERSE and MULTI-SITE will deal with how to maintain HEALTHY CAMPUSES , at least things we have discovered.  Trust me MULTI-SITE is not a one size fits all strategy thats for every church or every leader.  What is for every church and every leader is leading our ministries to be GREAT COMMANDMENT and GREAT COMMISSION CHURCHES those two things are non-negotioables. I believe that one of the greatest factors to MULTI-SITE HEALTH is COMMUNITY .  We were created for community, we crave community and even JESUS lives in a perfect community called the TRINITY .  When JESUS became man he lives HIS life inside COMMUNITY .  When asked what the greatest thing w could do as FOLLOWERS OF GOD , JESUS replied LIVE IN COMMUNITY WITH GOD and CREATE COMMUNITY WITH OTHERS . However what we discovered at GRANITE and must keep revisiting is that as much as we CRAVE COMMUNITY it doesn't happen unless we are INTENTIO