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20 Things I am THANKFUL for: An AMAZING God who loves me and has saved me An INCREDIBLE family who love the Lord and live for the DREAM OF JESUS My BEAUTIFUL wife Christy who is the love of my life My PRECIOUS Ashley who has a heart filled of worship My PRINCESS Caley who has a heart for Teenagers My CRAZY son who keeps us laughing My TOUGH dog Harley protector of our home My LOYAL parents who love both God and others My SERVING sister and brother-in-law who give without expecting to get A PASSIONATE church of Christ followers A DEDICATED team of leaders willing to pay the price for New England STRATEGIC church planting working to complete each other not compete with eachother The PRIVILEGE of serving on the mission filed of New England FAITHFUL friends who truly brothers The SACRIFICE of so many before me INDESCRIBABLE GRACE A FEARLESS church willing to fail in order to succeed For SURRENDERED people willing to take the Gospel to forbidden places For WONDERFUL husbands the Lord has


We have all heard in some form or another that " PEOPLE DON'T CARE HOW MUCH YOU KNOW UNTIL THEY KNOW HOW MUCH YOU CARE ". For me this is just another way explaining the difference between DOING CHURCH vs. BEING THE CHURCH . Yesterday GRANITE UNITED CHURCH believing that no family should go without a meal this THANKSGIVING season filled a U-Haul truck full for groceries to be distributed to a number of local area food banks. I felt like a proud father watching his kid growing up! It was so cool to see the HUNDREDS of HUNDREDS of bags of groceries being brought into our auditorium and placed on the platform as first an offering and testimony to God's goodness in all our lives, we have BEEN BLESSED TO BE A BLESSING . Secondly as a demonstration of the outstretched arms of love to our community as the BODY OF CHRIST . Our prayer is too draw attention to our church for one reason and one reason only, to bring people to THE TABLE so that they may eat of the BREAD OF L