Saturday, March 27


I just watched Kansas St. get upset by Butler who are now on their way to the final four. Pretty cool I have to admit, but it doesn't even compare to the excitement that takes place every Sunday worshiping Jesus and seeing lives forever changed at GRANITE. I saw guys pour their hearts out and gave it all they had to win a basketball game, again pretty cool, I love basketball! The effort of the ball players reminded me of all the amazing leaders we have at GRANITE who bring their "A" game every week to make a KINGDOM IMPACT! I love our church, I love our leaders, and I am so proud to be apart of such an amazing team.

Wednesday, March 17

Mission Mexico Day 3

Just wanted to tell you a little bit about yesterday before we take off for the day because it was an incredible day.

1. We finished a total EXTREME MAKEOVER of a house for a husband and wife who are in the mid 90's. The were the founders of the churches we are working with. Their home literally had holes all over the outside that we cemented, broken windows not cracked broken that we took out and replaced, and we painted the entire outside of the home.

2. We went to a children's home where 250 plus kids live. These are not orphans but they are kids whose parents make such little money that the parents literally work all day and all night to have nothing. We had the chance to play games with the kids, sing, beat the stuffing out of a pinyata, and just love on them.

3. Last night was the second night of doing a church service in the park. Linda and Hahn shared their stories on how they came to Christ, and was one of two preachers to speak. We saw God work in amazing ways with people being saved and others recommitting their lives to Jesus.

There were so many highlights throughout the day but i will share one very cool one. During the worship in the park the people were very quite and almost disconnected with what was going on, then all of the sudden I saw our GRANITE UNITED team step out and walk up in front of everybody and begin to just worship. It was a beautiful sight and within minutes the place was electrified, but here is the highlight. During the invitation a woman came forward and was called to the platform and she was asked why she had come. She said when I saw the JOY in those people singing and dancing I knew I did not have what they had, and she gave her heart to Jesus. How awesome is that!

Okay thats it for now time for me to talk to Christy, another highlight of my day!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, March 16

Mission Mexico Day 2

I am sitting here exhausted trying to put into words what an amazing day today was. Remember we are running on less than 4 hours of sleep and just finished busting our butts for the past 12 hours. So this is going to be short and sweet and then I am going to go pass out. Some words i would use to describe today would be...

PROUD - Watching our church rise to the mission of Jesus in Mexico has been incredible. It will blow you away to hear what we are doing down here in the areas of construction, kids ministry, and church services. I caught myself today starring at our church people with a big smile on my face and thinking in my heart GO GRANITE!

AMAZED - Our church is running on less then 4 hours of sleep but that did not keep anyone from bringing their "A" game today. Our first stop was at a hospital where I watched our church handout copies of the Book of Romans, feed people, pray with people and help over 10 people connect to Jesus Christ.

HONORED - I am feel so honored to be the pastor of such an amazing church. People willing to extend the love of Jesus to people they do not know. I also feel honored that God not only saved me but has given me this chance to serve Him in the capacity that I do.

EXCITED - Knowing that Jesus is burning His mission for this world deeper into the hearts of our church people, how awesome is that.

The only thing that could have made this Mission better would be to have my beautiful Christy and family here with me. I miss them! Night.

Monday, March 15

Mission MEXICO Day 1

Its 9:00PM Mexico time, which means its Midnight at home, meaning we have been traveling 16 hours and we have 3.5 hours left on the bus we are now on, YAHOO! It’s been a long day, but honestly we have had a ton of laughs and have begun making some cool memories as a church family. One of which is right now as I am sitting in the back of the bus next to the bathroom that has no toilet paper, doesn’t flush and hasn’t been cleaned maybe ever, lol. Everyone is tired but there is a real excitement in the air, no not from the smell of the bathroom, but at the thought of ministering in the name of Jesus a few hours from now. The lights are now off in the bus, it is very quiet, and it’s time to get some shut eye.

OH MY GOODNESS! So when I finished typing last night and turned my computer off, I shut my eyes and within about 15 minutes, our bus HIT A COW! Yep, we HIT A COW! It was crazy for a lot of reasons mostly because we HIT A COW and the other because when you HIT A COW on a major highway in MEXICO, you just can't leave it lying in the road, so we waited an 1.5 hours for the proper people to arrive to remove the COW WE HIT from the highway. CRAZY! Well we finally made it to the hotel about 4 hours ago, making the travel time a whopping 21 hours, HOLY COW, opps, poor cow, I guess I shouldn't say that, how about 21 hours of travel time holy smokes! Now we are up, getting ready, and about to go build something that by some miracle will remain standing after we leave, lol!

I'll write again later.

Tuesday, March 9


Just wanted everyone to know that Cody and I along with our friends the IDOL and Little Joey had an amazing time on our third annual man trip. Although it was a little cold and a bit rainy we made the most of our time away. We did both Universal Studio parks for two days, hit the Blue Man group, and like men! I love getting away every year with Cody and creating these memories, these are special times. Especially since the Codeman turned 16 this year. We are already talking about next year, maybe we will do a cowboy camp, or some deep sea fishing, maybe a walk-about. Who knows, all I know is that I am already looking forward to it.

I am a blessed man with an amazing family and church family. I don't deserve the blessings, but I am so thankful to the Lord for blessing me. My prayer as always is to take His blessings and to be a blessing. I don't want to squander the life and time God has given me. I want to invest all I have in my family, my church family, and God's kingdom work.