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In case we have forgotten the Bible is God's Word and being Gods Word it is the authority in our lives. As much as every follower of Jesus needs to pay attention to the WORD OF GOD those in ministry need to pay attention to the WORD on a HOLE NUTHA LEVEL. As LEADERS God calls us, commands us, expects us, REQUIRES us to live BLAMELESS and ABOVE REPROACH. Titus 1:6-8, " 6 [These elders should be] men who are of unquestionable integrity and are irreproachable, the husband of [but] one wife, whose children are [well trained and are] believers, not open to the accusation of being loose in morals and conduct or unruly and disorderly. 7 For the bishop (an overseer) as God's steward must be blameless, not self-willed or arrogant or presumptuous; he must not be quick-tempered or given to drink or pugnacious (brawling, violent); he must not be grasping and greedy for filthy lucre (financial gain); 8 But he must be hospitable (loving and a friend to believers, especially to stran


As many of you know these are the famous words of the great Rick Warren in his book the PURPOSE DRIVEN LIFE, but in case you didn't know GOD SAID THEM FIRST! This month we are studying THE LORD'S PRAYER and you can't walk away from this prayer without the realization that the closer we get to FATHER the BIGGER HE GETS and the SMALLER WE BECOME. I think for the first time in my life and ministry I am beginning to understand just how the attitudes SELF-CENTERDNESS , WHAT ABOUT ME, and THATS NOT FAIR break the heart of God. How sad to see so many "CHRISTIANS" more concerned "ABOUT ME" then they are about HIM, about the HEART and PASSIONS of JESUS. I personally am challenged by this and want my life to be all about Christ and not about me. As followers of Christ may we never forget we are called to do ONE THING, DIE. Die to self! Then and only then can we take up the cross and follow Him. My prayer for my life is MORE DYING, for Granite MORE DYING, f