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This weekend we were reminded that ministyr is not about using people to get things done.  Its a PARTNERSHIP we enter into with anothe rperson in order to GLORIFY JESUS and to fulfill HIS DREAM for GRANITE!  Knowing this it is important for us to remember as leaders that those we partner with are REAL PEOPLE, meaning they have feelings and a real need for community. As leaders lets SLOW DOWN and clear the clutter off our plates in order to CREATE COMMUNITY for those we serve beside.  No one needs anything else "to do", and SERVING should be a JOY!  I believe that JOY comes not only when we  ELEVATE  WHY WE DO WHAT WE DO (for JESUS and His glory), but when we CELEBRATE AND APPRCIATE  WHO WE DO IT WITH! Here is some food for thought: How is the COMMUNITY going on your team? What intentional things are you doing to build strong bonds between team members? What good thing needs to go, inorder to do the better things, such as spending time in COMMUNITY with your teams? R


Its been a few weeks since I have BLOGGED, did you miss me!  TEAM GRANITE UNITED, I love you, I am proud of you, I am honored to serve with you, and I believe GREATER THINGS ARE YET TO COME FOR YOU and THROUGH YOU.  I believe in you TEAM GRANITE, more important than that is JESUS BELIVES IN YOU, He believes in you so much that He has left to you the GREATEST PRIVELEDGE and RESPONSIBILITY in the UNIVERSE, THE GOSPEL!  Now that we have entered 2012 I have somehting I want you to do, DROP YOUR AGENDA!  What in the world do I mean by that, because you know how serious we are about systems and organization.  Here is what I mean It's not about preaching and teaching, its about JESUS It's not about music, its about JESUS It's not about kids, its about JEUS Its not baout students its about JESUS Its not about singles, its about JESUS Its not about small groups, its about JESUS Its not about locaitons, its about JESUS Its not about numbers, its about JESUS Its not about