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Famed college basketball announcer Dick Vitale has coined many cool catch phrases through the years, and today I am going to steal one of them! It's the phrase PTP , yep, that it its PTP , and it stand for PRIME TIME PLAYERS . It is Vitale's opinion that for any team to be successful it needs to be made up of one or more PTP'S - PRIME TIME PLAYERS , and I agree. I want to take a few minutes and BRAG , yep BRAG , but before I do let me set the table. This past weekend was our scheduled CHRISTMAS SERVICE at GRANITE UNITED . The auditorium was all set, thousands of invites had been sent out, two Christmas concerts with hundreds of red shorts to promote the service, it was sure to be a CHRISTMAS SERVICE to remember with a goal of over 1,000 in attendance, and then it happened, and as thye say in New England " SNOW HAPPENS ". Thats right a SNOW STORM, not one as bad as last CHRISTMAS where we got over 20 inches of snow, but a storm hit New England. Big enoug