Monday, December 21


Famed college basketball announcer Dick Vitale has coined many cool catch phrases through the years, and today I am going to steal one of them! It's the phrase PTP, yep, that it its PTP, and it stand for PRIME TIME PLAYERS. It is Vitale's opinion that for any team to be successful it needs to be made up of one or more PTP'S - PRIME TIME PLAYERS, and I agree. I want to take a few minutes and BRAG, yep BRAG, but before I do let me set the table.

This past weekend was our scheduled CHRISTMAS SERVICE at GRANITE UNITED. The auditorium was all set, thousands of invites had been sent out, two Christmas concerts with hundreds of red shorts to promote the service, it was sure to be a CHRISTMAS SERVICE to remember with a goal of over 1,000 in attendance, and then it happened, and as thye say in New England "SNOW HAPPENS".

Thats right a SNOW STORM, not one as bad as last CHRISTMAS where we got over 20 inches of snow, but a storm hit New England. Big enough to to SHUT THE SCHOOL DOWN, remember we are a portable church, yahoo! So here we are looking at our single biggest service of 2009, with NO SCHOOL to meet it, all our set design stuff locked inside, and hundreds of guests expected to be in attendance at the school.

ENTER OUR PTP'S! With all the craziness, chaos, and confusion our team was determined not to let a SNOW STORM spoil our CHRISTMAS CELEBRATION for Jesus. So an aggressive plan was set into place, reworking WORSHIP SETS, redesigning a CHRISTMAS SET, rerouting LEADERS, JUMPING through hoops, people now needed to PLOW, finding guys willing to stand in the FALLING SNOW helping people find parking spots, moving from one service to THREE, and COMMUNICATING, COMMUNICATING, and more COMMUNICATING.

The RESULT was amazing! We had our HIGHEST ATTENDANCE since we moved to the school, the SPIRIT was through the roof, JESUS WAS CELEBRATED and EXALTED, and LIVES WERE FOREVER CHANGED! Why? Because our PTP'S would not surrender what God had planned to a little snow. Some churches CANCELLED and no one could blame them, some pastors stayed home wrapped up in their SNUGGIES, other ministry teams took the DAY OFF, and some communities had NO CHURCH to attend to hear about Jesus. But that was not the case at GRANITE UNITED!

One of the greatest gifts GRANITE UNITED has ever received are the PTP'S that make our team great. I am so proud to be a part of such an amazing TEAM of people! I AM SO PROUD OF OUR PTP'S!