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We just finished a weekend teaching our church about the importance of PRAYER.  A couple of the take aways were... Your prayer life unlocks your POTENTIAL LIFE ASK and it will be given unto you, SEEK and you shall find, KNOCK and the door shall be OPENED unto you - Matt 7:7 Your prayer life reveals the PRIORITIES in your life In order to be prepared we need to be PRAY-PARED Our CAMPUS PASTORS did such an amazing job speaking this past weekend they spoke with conviction and compassion as they usually do.  Now that the church family has been taught the importance of PRAYER my take away is WHAT DO WE NOW DO AS AN ORGANIZATION to elevate PRAYERS PRIORITY on our campuses? Well here's a few tings I want to challenge our CAMPUS PASTORS, SERVICE COORDINATORS and MINISTRY TEAMS with... Since PRAYER MATTERS lets be sure to attend the next GRANITE ALL CAMPUS PRAYER MEETING Since PRAYER MATTERS lets have healthy PRAYER TEAMS ready to engage following each service.  Wom