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We just finished a series at GRANITE called TRUTH IS ...I'd like to say something to all leaders everywhere, and especially to our GRANITE UNITED LEADERS . TRUTH IS.. IF YOU AIM A NOTHING  YOU WILL HIT IT EVERY TIME! I know its deep right!  But the TRUTH IS leaders we have to know what the next step is as we reach toward accomplishing the DREAM OF JESUS CHRIST for our ministry.  But then again in order to take a PURPOSEFUL NEXT STEP you have to have a CLEARLY DEFINED , DOCUMENTED , DESTINATION ! TRUTH IS ...a lot of leaders want to be part of the action but the are unclear, as to WHAT THE WIN IS !  And if you don't know what the win is, you never know if your actually making any progress. So I ask you, WHATS YOUR NEXT STEP ?  Are you entering this weekend, having dedicated time during the week to put points on the board for JESUS ? Or are you just going to show up, and "HOPE" you take a step i the right direction by accident?  If what we do matt