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Following a tweet I made about NFL HEAD COACHES and my blog post BEING THE RIGHT TEAM MEMBER I have received some pretty cool texts and questions form some CHURCH PLANTERS and STAFF PEOPLE from other churches so I thought I would elaborate a little more on the topic. The question I received (which by the way was awesome) is how can I be the BEST STAFF MEMBER I can be so that I can be the help my PASTOR NEEDS ME TO BE .  Obviously I explained that's a question you need to ASK YOUR PASTOR but here is how I would answer the question. I won't elaborate nor are these in any particle order, but here's some of what I would say... DON'T KEEP ME IN THE DARK about your ministry - I don't have time to chase information down OVER COMMUNICATE even if you think I know you TAKE THE INITIATIVE and make sure I know.  We are all busy but you are on my team and I need to know how it's going with the part I have entrusted you with.  Whether I ask or not, by virtu