Friday, August 8


Following a tweet I made about NFL HEAD COACHES and my blog post BEING THE RIGHT TEAM MEMBER I have received some pretty cool texts and questions form some CHURCH PLANTERS and STAFF PEOPLE from other churches so I thought I would elaborate a little more on the topic.

The question I received (which by the way was awesome) is how can I be the BEST STAFF MEMBER I can be so that I can be the help my PASTOR NEEDS ME TO BE.  Obviously I explained that's a question you need to ASK YOUR PASTOR but here is how I would answer the question.

I won't elaborate nor are these in any particle order, but here's some of what I would say...

  • DON'T KEEP ME IN THE DARK about your ministry - I don't have time to chase information down
  • OVER COMMUNICATE even if you think I know you TAKE THE INITIATIVE and make sure I know.  We are all busy but you are on my team and I need to know how it's going with the part I have entrusted you with.  Whether I ask or not, by virtue of me asking you to be on MY TEAM, consider that "THE ASK".
  • ASK QUESTIONS - There is always time for clarifying questions.  I'd rather take 30 minutes clearing up and ask then to spend 3 hours in a staff meeting as to why we missed a mark.  
  • THE CHURCH PEOPLE MATTER TO ME - Although you may have been invited onto a team and given the privilege of leading people NEVER FORGET you are leading on your LEAD PASTORS BEHALF.  You were not asked onto the team because your pastor does not care of like the people of the church, its the opposite.  He is so in love with them like an NFL head coach he is trying to give HIS CHURCH PEOPLE THE BEST CARE POSSIBLE on the road to becoming disciples.  Your are an ASSISTANT COACH so assist and carry out the HEART OF THE HEAD COACH.  
  • CLOSE LOOPS -  YOU get the chance to focus on a FEW THINGS never forget your PASTOR HAS TO FOCUS ON THE WHOLE THING.  So here it is again your LEAD PASTOR needs you to CLOSE LOOPS.  There is NO TIME to chase down information but I think I mentioned that already, lol!
  • DON'T INTRODUCE NEW IDEAS - At first this is going to sound wrong so follow me.  At GRANITE we have spent a lot of time discussing WHY WE DO WHAT WE DO, and unless something is pushed out from the team we do not need or want individuals pushing anything outside of what we have agreed on.   ALIGNMENT MATTERS and all ideas need to be fleshed out with the team, and then should be executed on the local level.  
  • USE GRANITE LINGO - Granite has worked hard at developing what we call GRANITEISMS.  We want our teams using our language and not introducing anything outside of what we have decided to be our language at GRANITE.  Again LANGUAGE shows unity, alignment, agreement, and just help push the vision while moving the people towards discipleship.  
I have a few more but I have already given too much!  No matter what NEVER FORGET if your ON A TEAM then be a TEAM PLAYER.  If you want to RUN THE TEAM, call the shots, or don't agrees with your churches/LEAD PASTORS VISION it may be time to go START YOUR OWN CHURCH and develop your OWN TEAM.  That's not a bad thing, if its a GOD THING.