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Had a great talk today with a young pastor who asked how after 33 years of ministry have I stayed so positive and engaged. GREAT QUESTION! He wondered if I have dealt with the stuff on the picture listed in a previous post and for the most part I HAVE NOT. That doesn't mean Christy and I don't tired or a tad bit stressed at times (just ask the GU TEAM, lol) but what it does mean we have built things into our lives that keep us focused and moving forward. So he asked what  are some of those things? I'll list a couple for your reading pleasure, lol! 1. A CLEAR CALL FROM GOD - Nothing trumps GODS CALLING in our lives. 2. CELEBRATING THE WINS - Even though there are tough things about ministry T HE WINS/LIFE CHANGE always rules our passion. 3. MY WIFE/KIDS - Seeing our kids grow up to serve GOD and then to serve THE LORD together is one of our dreams come true! 4. OUR CHURCH - I ENJOY OUR CHURCH ! Church is not a chore or something I "have to do"