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If we are going to commit to GROWING CHURCHES by REACHING THE LOST then we have to get comfortable with MESSY MINISTRY.  I ao sm proud to be part of the church I get the privilege to pastor.   One of the GREAT GREAT blessing to me is to see people who have stepped out of a real world and have started a RELATIONSHIP WITH THE LIVING WORD and WRITTEN WORD OF GOD!   As ministry leaders we have to manage the TENSION that we will experience as FIRST GENERATION Christian work at TRANSFORMING THEIR MIND from a SECULAR VIEW to a BIBLICAL VIEW, but thats okay! It's exciting to see so many sincere followers of JESUS growing and learning what it means to BE CHRIST in a lost world!  Recently with all the tension in our world about pointing out peoples sins and what and who's right, I posted the following... "IT'S JUST THE WAY I AM" so get over it... is never a good reason for anyone to LIVE IN SIN. It doesn't matter what the SIN OF CHOICE IS, pride, anger, gluttony,