COM·MU·NI·CA·TION  - 1. the imparting or exchanging of information or news.  synonyms:      transmission, conveyance, divulgence, disclosure; More  2. means of connection between people or places, in particular.  (

Sounds simple and yet it's one of the major reasons why RELATIONSHIPS BREAK DOWN - whether those relationships are personal or professional.  But the opposite is also true when there is a commitment to COMMUNICATION the results can be OUTSTANDING! says COMMUNICATION is the MEANS OF CONNECTION BETWEEN PEOPLE.  

What does that have to do with MINISTRY?  Answer...EVERYTHING!  There is NO, let me repeat, NO real, meaningful or lasting ministry without COMMUNICATION.  By the way COMMUNICATION is not PREACHING AT PEOPLE its CONNECTING WITH PEOPLE.  

Remember the old saying, People don't care how much you know until they know how much you care, how do people know we care?  Through COMMUNICATION that include both ACTIONS and WORDS.  The BIBLE says...

Ephesians 4:29, "Don’t use foul or abusive language. Let everything you say be good and helpful, so that your words will be an encouragement to those who hear them."

The point of Ephesians 4:29 is COMMUNICATION.  COMMUNICATION WAS MODELED BY JESUS as we see over and over again in the BIBLE...

John 10:14, ""I am the good shepherd; I know my own sheep, and they know me,"  NLT

Do you see it.  I know them and they know ME.  How does that happen?  COMMUNICATION.  You cannot in 2018 or since the GARDEN OF EDEN build relationships or a ministry without COMMUNICATION.  

The beauty of the day and age we live in is that COMMUNICATION IS SO EASY!  From cell phones, texts, Siri (I don't even have to type I just have to say HEY SIRI), twitter, instagram and facebook how much easier can it get for us to COMMUNICATE to the people we are leading, working with, and love doing life with.  

SO HOW'S YOUR COMMUNICATION?  No, honestly how intentional are you about COMMUNICATION?  There is no lasting ministry without a CONNECTION BETWEEN PEOPLE.  



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